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Southern Tactical Range

Memberships & Packages


Includes 100 YD Rifle Range and Public Pistol Bays Only


Pistol & Rifle Package
  • Yearly Membership
  • $10 Discounted Daily Fee
  •  Other Discounts (See Below)
  • Dynamic Pistol Bay Rental
  • 100 & 300 YD Rifle Ranges


Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun Package
  • Yearly Membership
  • $10 Discounted Daily Fee for Pistol & Rifle Only
  • Other Discounts (See Below)
  • 100 YD Rifle Range

Upgrades & Discounts

Rates (per visit)

10% Discount for Active Military, Retired Military, Law Enforcement & First Responders
Discounts will be credited at the time that we issue the member an ID badge.

If active duty members are deployed during your membership, please provide us with your deployment documentation to pause your membership and receive a prorated refund.

Member Non-Member
Sporting Clays (Fee + 35¢/Clay) $35 $45
5 Stand-Trap & Skeet (1 Round / 25 Clays) $10 $12
Cart Rentals $18 $20
Public Access Pistol & 100 YD Rifle Range Included w/ Daily Fee Included w/ Daily Fee
Dynamic Pistol Bays Orange zone is included for members, $15 per guest for 2 hours, up to 2 guests, Red Zone $25 per guest for 2 hours, up to 2 guests, Blue zone, contact STR for pricing Not available
300 YD Rifle Range (Hunter & Shooter Only) Included w/ Daily Fee, up to 2 guests, Guest fee $15/per Not available
600 & 1000+ YD Rifle Ranges (Shooter Only) No Fee, up to 2 guests, Guest fee $40/per Not available
Static Steel Target Rental $5 Not available
Moving Target Rental $5 Not available

Steel Targets: 300 Win Mag caliber or less. For distances greater than 100 YD check with the office for allowable caliber versus distance shooting. higher calibers MAY require purchase or rental of steel target (kept on site for YOUR future use) and rental fee for Use of Action Targets may be applicable. NO ARMOR PIERCING, GREEN TIPS, TITANIUM TIPPED AMMUNITION ALLOWED FOR USE WITH STEEL TARGETS.

Payment Methods

Guest Policy

Southern Tactical Range has public ranges and members ranges. For the members-only ranges, each member is entitled to bring up to two guests at a time for $15 per person daily fee for pistols and 100yd, $25 per person daily fee for the Dynamic Pistol Bays (orange, red and blue zones), $40 per person daily fee for 600yd and 1000yd. A guest is anyone who is not a member, and that includes the immediate family of a member. Guests must be closely supervised. Members are responsible for their guests knowing and observing Southern Tactical Range rules.

Guests, including family members, must sign the releases (provided at the main office) once during each visit to Southern Tactical Range. It is the member’s responsibility to see this is accomplished.

Only one guest may shoot at a time. Guests may shoot only when the sponsoring member is not shooting and is monitoring every shot of the guest from a position within arm’s length.

Guests shall not handle guns without the member being present and must be well behind the firing line when not shooting or being instructed. Members and their guests must not split up to go to separate ranges. Members and their guests may separate to score targets, place targets, retrieve targets, for bathroom breaks, and retrieving or placing of gear in vehicles.