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Leviathan Tactical LLC is Northwest Florida’s one stop shop for all your airsoft needs!! The store provides guns, safety and tactical gear, along with onsite service techs to modify, repair,or build your airsoft gun. Jenn and Ted Gibson are the owners of the company and are very active in the airsoft community both local and national levels along with there prostaff so feel free to come check out all the store has to offer!







Florida CCW 

Instructor: Kenzie Fitzpatrick

This class will give you a certificate that will allow you to apply for your concealed carry permit. We will cover firearms safety, shooting techniques, scenarios, Florida concealed carry laws, concealed carry techniques, and holsters.

This course will end with live fire exercises at the range. We provide hearing protection, eye protection, and firearms. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own firearm and ammunition, especially if you plan to carry it concealed. Please wear close-toed shoes and a shirt with sleeves.

9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (6 hours)