Southern Tactical Range is OPEN for shooting.

We are NOW open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for pistol, 100 yd, 300 yd and 600 yd ranges.  We are a few weeks from completion of the 1000+ yd range (weather permitting).  Earthwork continues on the 1000-yard rifle and Training/Private ranges.  We have 10 of the 24 Training/Private ranges open for use in training and competitions.

Sporting Clays are open for shooting on the weekends and by appointment only during the week. We also have golf carts for rent if you need one, if not bring your own. We are now taking reservations for Sporting Clay events. Here are links to videos with our Sporting Clays Course; Sporting Clay 1 & Sporting Clay 2.

We still have a lot of work to do for the overall project, such as grassing the berms, building more shooting benches, baffles, sound fencing, office, lodge and more pavilions.

All three of our paintball fields are OPEN for use (wood ball, hyper ball and speed ball) on weekends and special events.

The static archery target range and a small section of 3D  range are NOW open for use.  Check out the following website for further details

We have been asked about competitions and are pleased to announce that we will be hosting IPDA competitions starting January 6, 2019. Contact us for further information.

We will also be hosting 2-Gun, Long Range Precision, 22 Rifle, USPSA and Steel Challenge competitions. Contact us for further information.

We are currently working on F-Class competitions and will have further updates.

Thank You so much for your interest and overwhelming support!

***Limited number of memberships available online line now and due to the large demand we will be capping the 600-yard memberships at 500 and 1000-yard memberships at 300. AS OF November 22, 2018, THERE ARE LESS THAN 200 MEMBERSHIP SLOTS AVAILABLE FOR THE 600-YARD AND LESS THAN 100 MEMBERSHIP SLOTS AVAILABLE FOR THE 1000-YARD.  Once these slots are filled we will be starting a waiting list.

Tired of waiting for available shooting stations and range closures at other ranges?  Southern Tactical Range will provide more shooting stations in it's Public and Members areas.  Currently a limited number of memberships slots are available for purchase. We are a short drive from Crestview, Milton,  and Pace and a modest drive from Pensacola, Navarre, Ft Walton Bch and Destin accessible via Hwy 90 and I10.  We are close to various lodgings and restaurants.  We have excellent cellular service for the shooter who likes to stay in contact with surroundings.

Tired of only shooting paper, Southern Tactical Range will offer the ability to shoot steel, 3d and reactive targets.

Wanting a specialized training class such as Concealed Weapons, Home Defense, Force on Force, Long Range Shooting, 3 Gun, etc.?  Southern Tactical Range can provide instruction or 3rd Party Instructors are WELCOME.

Southern Tactical is developing 211 acres to provide North West Florida with an elite shooting facility.

build site for Southern Tactical Range
build site for Southern Tactical Range
build site for Southern Tactical Range
build site for Southern Tactical Range
build site for Southern Tactical Range
build site for Southern Tactical Range
build site for Southern Tactical Range
build site for Southern Tactical Range
build site for Southern Tactical Range

On Going Range Development

Public Areas

  • 18 Station -Sporting Clay Range (3 additional stations will be added in the future)
  • 5-Stand Station (under development)
  • 25 Yard Pistol (25 shooting stations)
  • 100 Yard Rifle Range (26 shooting stations)
  • Paintball Fields – 3 fields (1 four acre Wood Ball, 1 Hyper Ball and 1 Speed Ball regulation fields with official NCPA & PSP approved inflatable bunkers)
  • Archery  Static and 3D Areas

Range Development With Projected Phased Completions

Member Areas

  • 25 Yard Pistol (25 shooting stations)
  • (10) Training, Competition, Private Shooting Bays (360 cowboy action, 2/3 gun, reactive target, steel targets and black powder) (additional 14 bays under development)
  • 300 Yard Rifle Range (55 shooting stations) Benches and Prone shooting locations.
  • 600 Yard (multi purpose range, 3 gun staging area, competition) (25 benched shooting stations and numerous prone shooting stations)
  • 1000+ Yard Sniper Range (33+ shooting stations, multi-tiered shooting platforms) - December of 2018
  • 10 Acre Mock / Sim City for Urban / Active Shooting Training and Paintball / Airsoft - 1st quarter of 2019
  • 2 Sim Houses for Sim Rounds / Paintball / Airsoft - 1st quarter of 2019

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Dont forget we are now open on Thursdays. See you out there! ... See MoreSee Less

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Here are some updated aerials of the range. We are getting close of on the 1000yd and have been busy in the 600yd. ... See MoreSee Less

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Another great day of Sporting Clays. Come out and enjoy the course. If you need pointers we can help become a better shooter. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Southern Tactical Range

This is very interesting.

Field & Stream
I was given an unprecedented tour of Federal Ammunition in Anoka, Minnesota—and they let me bring my camera. This is how rimfire ammunition is made. The assembly line takes up a space no bigger than a three-car garage, but if the conveyor belts were stretched end-to-end, they would run more than 100 yards. Bullets and brass are fork-lifted over by the tens of thousands into the line. Then the whole thing turns on, an orchestra of 300-round loading plates, bullet “waterfalls,” wet primer spreaders, spinning brass, oven dryers, everything sorted, measured, filled, crimped, checked, then dumped in a bin for quality control and packaging. It felt to me like a grand symphony—one I’d actually want to sit and watch. – Michael R. Shea, editor-at-large
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We are trying to gauge interest in an ammunition reloading class to be held at the range. If interested reply back to this post.
We are also going to be hosting long range club matches starting in April which are a prelude to F Class competitions. These club matches will be open to the public. Reply to this post if interested.
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